Education Android + 4 (3j):
HoneyComb, IceCreamSandwich and Jelly Bean: practice good.
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Date: from 12 to 15 October
Place: Toulouse



The goal is to master the new APIs of the versions of the system emerged from Honey Comb, Ice Cream Sandwich and JellyBean (Version 3.x and 4.x of the Android system).You will have an understanding of the DesignGuide rules associated with these versions and you will master the following elements:
An Ice Cream Sandwich update (1 day):

  • Fragments (static, dynamic, background...);
  • Different navigations (Tabs, Spinner, NavDrawer);
  • ActionBar;
  • The new Api of Notification (JellyBean);

You will also address the following new components:

  • ViewPager
  • CursorLoader and CursorAdapter
  • GridLayout
  • NFC Beam
  • SharedActionProvider
  • TextToSpeech and SpeechRecognition
  • Animation (post Honey-Comb)

Finally you will experience best practices to effectively manage the multi-versioning allowing you to compile an application that is compatible with all versions of the system (from level 8 to level 17) including the use of the Support-"library".

This training is compatible HoneyComb (Level 11) to Jelly Bean (Level 16) passing through Ice Scream Sandwich(Level 15). The practical work is done under Ice Scream Sandwich (Level 15).
PartnershipsParisian training is carried out in partnership with Zenica. Those of Toulouse with Makina Corpus.