Mathias Séguy
Founder Android2EE
Trainer - Expert Android

A course

9 years of experience in Java/J2EE world on the positions of responsibility (Manager - leading technical - Technical Director).

2 years of expertise Android.

Curriculum vitae.

A project

The objective of the coming years is to live with my passions:

A technical passion: Android,.

A passion for the transmission of knowledge: training,

A passion for it projects: expertise.

A know-how technical and pedagogical

Android strong and recognized expertise (Speaker Android on national and international conferences, of expertise with Genigraph, Ekito, UNeed partnerships,...).

A strong knowledge of education (5-year universities, 2 year schools of engineers and IUT).

An expert Android e-fame.

Artcile on

Deploy its Android app and get his key MapView.

Deploy its Android app and get his key MapView.

Android sensors

Thread, Handler, AsyncTask and leaks memory

Invest the Android with the AppWidgets homescreen

Android, deliver its project on GooglePlay

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Ph.d. of mathematics

If you want to download his thesis "Cobordism and reliability equisinguliere of singularities marked with two dimensional holomorphic foliations", you can do so via the button download below: