An expert trainer Android

Speaker Android on major Java conferences: Devoxx France Eclipse Day Toulouse, JCertif Africa, Toulouse JUG, CocoAhead

Editor Android on

Programmer Android: MyLight, MyTorch, MySensors, JCertifMobile available on GooglePlay

Author of 3 eBooks on Android programming available on

Doctor in mathematics Fundamental and engineer of the ENSEEIHT

An e-reputation

Notoriety e via the site and in figures

1200 visits per month

2.5 pages/visits

2900 pageviews per month

97: time on site per month

4600 visits per month

1.2 pages views/visits

5600 pageviews per month

500 h time on site per month

More than 300 EBooks «Android, A Complete Course» sold in 1 year

More than 800 downloads of tutorials on per month

More than 350 people in the mailing list

A pedagogical know-how

5 years of education at the University

Support for pole training internal company STI (3 years)

Professor Android engineering schools and IUP (Cesi-Exia, IUP ISI, IUP, Epitech, INSA, IngeSup, SupInfo)

Technical expertise

Former Technical Director of STI

Technical expert of the ANR (National Research Agency)

Computer projects technical manager (Airbus, CNES,...)

Manager of significant it projects (Airbus, CNES)