I have progressed enormously during my training with this Ebook. I think 'Android, a complete race' is a must for all professionals from the world of computing who wish to begin development on Android. The learning method is very well thought, and allowed me to quickly progress by mastering each concept one thanks to a huge range of example very well provides. This Ebook allowed me to pass me the traditional passage through Google when it begins on a new technology. A Must-Have.

Julien P: A Must-Have

The book "Android, a complete race" allows for a neophyte a discovery and a quick grip of the Android world. Description of the implementation of a development environment and the presence of concise and targeted examples makes possible the rapid development of applications. The components and concepts are clearly described and can appropriate them by adapting the examples, as opposed to a huge functional grouping in which it still struggling to isolate precisely the point that interests us. This synthetic work allows to have a global vision of the scope of the Android apps and will serve as a reference to a user confirmed for the design or even the proof of concept. Acquired solid bases allow to attack calmly dedicated chapters a precise point in the reference books, very detailed but little digestible at first. Beyond development, the professional project aspect is particularly put forward in this book with descriptions of the implementation of specific development tools, framework and test the scope of the (target, granularity of testing... platforms) until the deployment of the application.

Nicolas T: reference book

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