• The objective of this course is to explain the news emerged from Honey Comb and Ice Cream Sandwich (Version 3.x and 4.x of the android system). You can well as able to use the following:
  • Fragments
  • ActionBar
  • Notification ICS
  • Direct WiFi and Beam NFC
  • "Drag and Drop" and Clipboard Manager
  • View Property Animator
  • ViewPager
  • GridView
  • SharedAction
  • CalendarView
This training is compatible HoneyComb (Level 11) to Jelly Bean (Level 16) passing through Ice Scream Sandwich(Level 15). The practical work is done under Ice Scream Sandwich (Level 15).
PartnershipsParisian training is carried out in partnership with Zenica. Those of Toulouse with Makina Corpus.