Google authentication: SignIn with Google
(A lecture of the TAUG and the TJUG).

The conference "Google authentication: SignIn with Google» of Mathias Séguy (Android2EE).
This conference will explain in detail why establish this authentication and especially how the set up.
It took place on Thursday, September 19, 2013 in Toulouse as part of the TJUG and the TAUG.

You will discover:
  • the GoogleService console,
  • How to use the PlusClient and ConnectionResult object to manage your user ID,
  • How to set up the "magic connection" and the "manual connection",
  • How to set up this authentication within the lifecycle of your application,
  • How to load the social graph of the user, making posts interactive and the 'application activities'...
A great moment for all those who are wondering again what is the best strategy to authenticate its user. This conference joins:You also authenticate your users, inter-agissez with them and simplify their life:
My Google Public ProfilMy Google Public Profile My Google Public ProfileMy Google Public Profile
Here's hoping that you will find your happiness :).