The purpose of this training is that you to become a relevant Android architect. The main goal is for you to know which are the obstacles and constraints and which solutions are offered to you in order to resolve problems and build an architecture suitable to an Android environment.

Therefore, we will address the fundamentals principles of architecture and we will see which libraries allow us to implement those principles on our projects.  

Thus, we will  assimilate generic n-tiers architectures and see how they adapt to the Android world. We will also address the "Square" architecture. To set in place those architectures we will use EventBus, Retrofit, OkIo, Moshi, OkHttp, Dagger, OrmLite, SugarOrm, AndroidAnnotation, CrashLytics, Accra ... libraries.

With regards to practical works, we will start from an existing project and we will modify it in order to make it more simple and more efficient at the same time through the setting up of those architectures by using the encountered libraries.

This training will not address the basic priciples of Android such as Fragment, Activity, Service, Intent and others. If you have never done Android programming, this training is not for you.

The goal of this training is that you become an Android architect.


The objectives of this training are to :

Understand issues of an Android architecture :

  • N-tiers architectures;
  • Square architecture;
  • Threads management ExecutorsServices !!!), exceptions management (ExceptionManager et ManagedException)...
  • How to set them up through libraries

know and assimilate sound practices of the system :  Chet Haase ones ( lead Android UI Toolkit), mine, GoogleI/o ones and other DevBytes

Dive into Android worl libraries and use them : AndroidAnnotations, EventBus, SugarOrm, OrmLite, Accra, Crashlytics

Master Google libraries : GooglePlayService, GoogleMap, GoogleAuthentification, GoogleDrive, GoogleAnalytics, InApp, GoogleDesign

Master Square libraries : OkIo, OkHttp, Moshi, Retrofit, Dagger, Otto, Phrase

This Android training is eligible for the French dispositions concerning formation such as DIF, CIF and now CPF.

The compatibility of this training range from Froyo (Level 8) to MaxSDK (during the writting of this page it is Lollipop Level 21) including Ice Scream Sandwich (Level  15). Practical works are executed under max SDK (therefore it depends on the day you are trained).
For practical works we used AndroidStudio.

Partnerships :  Parisians trainings are carried out in partnership with  Zenika and Toulouse ones with Makina Corpus
In other words, these companies put their trust in Android2EE, believe in the quality of its trainings and let it do the job in a total confidence.
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