Google SignIn by Mathias Séguy TAUG/TJUG - September 2013.

This conference will explain in detail why establish this authentication and especially how the set up.
You will discover:
  • the GoogleService console,
  • How to use the PlusClient and ConnectionResult object to manage your user ID,
  • How to set up the 'magic connection' and the manual connection,.
  • How to set up this authentication within the lifecycle of your application,
  • How to load the social graph of the user, making posts interactive and the "implementation activities.
A great moment for all those who are wondering again what is the best strategy to authenticate its user.

This conference joins:You also authenticate your users, inter-agissez with them and simplify their life: hoping that you will find your happiness :).

This conference to held at the Toulouse Android Group/Toulouse Java User Group. It's a bit my family it on Toulouse where the character casual for this conference.