All ANDROID2EE training on shelves

Android2EE has a set of separate training which can cover a large part of the Android development.
These courses are for you rays in the what you can pick the parts that you are interested and build your own training that adapts to your needs.
These formations are classified into categories, allowing you to have a better view of the proposals that you are made.

A last thing, I would like, according to your choice and in agreement with you, to change the training that you you are constructed, so as to ensure the coherence of the learning that I'll give you. In fact, my goal is train you and allow you to have a base to know which you press to continue your rise in competence. I therefore ensure that your training you learn those you want to learn by providing consistency in your knowledge.
And Yes, I like that...

The formations are the following:

Advanced introduction (3j).

Deepening (2j).

Architecture (2j).

A 4.0 update: HoneyComb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Tablet (2j).